Positive Reputation for Positive Results

When you have a business, you understand that your reputation is something very important for the survival of your company. Today it is very important for a company to have an online presence with a good online reputation as well.

Most new companies think that having the first three search results on a google search is enough. The truth is, having the first ten search results is what you need to have a positive reputation. You want the first full-page of search results to be yours with all positive articles.

Negative articles and reviews will happen. This is when you can hire someone like Fix Search Results. They are a company that can help you get your online reputation back in positive standings. They will help move or remove the negative things that are found online about your company so that no one will see them.

There are some things that should be done as well that will help you get the positive online reputation and help to keep it. Open and keep up accounts with as many of the social media outlets as you can. You have control over what is added on your social media pages and who can write on your pages. Most people who will be looking at or writing on your social media site will be looking for your company because they have something positive to say.

The best time to start working on your online reputation is before you release your brand. Start working beforehand so that you have people waiting for your brand when you release your brand. By working beforehand can also give you the extra success at the beginning.

Getting to Know More About Duda Melzer

Duda Melzer is one of the most successful businessmen in Brazil and continues to work towards a common goal, and that is to grow his corporation to benefit those who are in need of it. His company, Grupo RBS, is responsible for a lot of the media you will find when visiting the area. It is this particular company that works with television programs as well as radio stations to bring better networking and entertainment to those looking for it. This is why a lot of people are familiar with Duda Melzer and his company.

If you are interested in learning more about Duda Melzer, be sure to visit his social media accounts. He is quite active online through Twitter and Facebook, so it is easy to keep in touch with him and know what he is doing at all times. One of the great things about following Duda Melzer on one of his many social media accounts is that you will be able to find out more about what he is putting into his company and anything else that might be of interest to you.

This is the time to think about working with Duda Melzer and learning as much as you can about the different types of companies that he runs. This is why it is so good for you to follow his accounts and see what he is all about. This is easy and quick for you to make use of, allowing any and all of his fans will be able to follow up on a variety of different types of things that he is putting into his company. Groupo RBS is one of the best media groups out there and this is why Duda Melzer is as popular as he is and why so many people know him.

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Kate Hudson Shows off her Fourth of July Glam with her Fabletics Line

Actress, model,spokesperson, and Fabletics co-founder Kate Hudson is celebrating America’s beloved Independence Day with a stunning red, white, and blue two-piece swim set produced by her own fashion and athletic wear line, Fabletics. Kate also celebrated the 4th of July by sharing a patriotic themed advert with her Instagram followers, which, at it’s base, has 4.7 million followers, reports People Magazine.

Kate, 37, posed in a holiday photo modeling the latest fashion pieces produced by Fabletics, a Moorea Bra, a $34.95 built-in bra top that features a four-way stretch front and back racer shape, and a pair of $29.95 Bajan Hipster Bottoms. The smooth-as-silk bottoms are also chlorine-resistant and offer UPF 50+, and UV protection, as a nice bonus. The whole set’s the colors of the American flag, too. And to top it off, Kate captions her photo with a hilariously memorable blessing: “From my airbrushed ass to yours Happy fourth!!!”. Happy fourth, indeed!

According to People Magazine, Ms. Hudson may also be deciding to celebrate the day of liberty by taking liberties with her diet and her favorite cheat day foods to snack on. Her list of delicacies include ice cream bars, and chocolate and coconut ice cream and dairy free, of course. Her ultimate in snack-able delicacies, she says, is frozen yogurt, or fro-yo. She usually prefers coconut, with chocolate of some kind, and anything with cinnamon, or graham cracker, or something along the lines of delicious oatmeal cookie.

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Now about Fabletics. The CO-CEO’s of fashion company JustFab Inc. , a company with a promise of re-imagining the fashion business by beating the most innovative company on the fashion block, Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg, decided to launch Fabletics with Kate Hudson after they say they saw a gap in the ‘activewear’ marketplace. That is, while they saw plenty of luxury brands and styles, they saw no markets that offered stylish, yet high-quality gear at accessible and affordable prices. Thus, they teamed up to create Fabletics in 2013.

Fabletics is all about creating clothing that is meant for athletic use, and in a way inspires you to stay active with its unique and stylish fashion. They make trendy, high quality designs at uncompromising and affordable prices. The company describes itself as fostering a community of people to live their passions, and every day, which is the core principle behind the company and the company mantra; “Live Your Passion”.

Since the company’s formation in October of 2013, the company has expanded to the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Canada, and as of September 2014, also ships to Australia. With over one million orders shipped, Fabletics, has brick-and-mortar stores in six U.S. retail locations as well. Source: http://www.fabletics.com/the-summer-refresh.htm

Helane Morrison: An Inspired Effective Worker

Helane Morrison is a very effective compliance officer who has done a lot of work in exposing unethical companies. She has had a field day during the economic crisis of 2007. She and other compliance officers have exposed a lot of fraud and unethical practices in banks and other institutions. Such a large amount of exposures have led to people losing a large amount of trust in banks and other institutions. However, the purpose that Helane Morrison is going for is to bring businesses to a much better trustworthiness so that people would be more willing to do their business with the institution.

Helane Morrison is one of the most effective compliance officers because she has a thick skin and a lot of courage to help her fight the battles. When she takes on the business that are operating in fraudulent and unethical ways, she is met with a lot of opposition. One thing that helped her is a mentor that she has learned a lot from by the name of Harry A Blackmun. Harry Blackmun has worked very hard towards social justice. Among the issues he has fought for is the rights of a woman when it comes to abortion. Harry A Blackmun has received a lot of opposition and even threats when he has stood his grown on the issue.

Helane Morrison is also someone who has faced a lot of opposition. However, his knowledge of the law and the rights of people as well as a no nonsense approach to her activities gives her an effectiveness that a lot of other compliance officers may lack. As a result, she is one of the leading compliance officers of her day. As of right now, Helane is working as a compliance officer at Hall Capital, an investment firm. She makes sure that the business is operating in an ethical fashion.

Kheradpir as a New CEO

Shaygan Kheradpir recently became the new Chief Executive Officer and Board Chairman. When the appointment was first announced in September 2015, it was cause for intense speculation among long time industry observers and pundits. Much of this was due to the projected change of emphasis which Coriant insiders have been rumored to be considering for quite some time. http://www.lightwaveonline.com/articles/2015/09/shaygan-kheradpir-new-coriant-chairman-and-ceo.html

The fact that the appointment of Kheradpir to the post of CEO coincided with a final confirmation of this change in direction was not lost on most witnesses. As a result, many in the industry are now scrambling to get to know Kheradpir as a leader and peer. This is a task that is far less complex than it seems at first glance, because Mr. Kheradpir has established a public reputation of enviable quality and consistency.

Change Is In The Air And A Shift In Emphasis Is On Its Way

Since the inception of the company in 2013, Coriant has blazed a trail of innovation and exerted a dominant influence on the information technology market. Although competition has certainly grown fiercer and more intense in the past several years, Coriant continues to hold a more than respectable share of the available base of international accounts.

The company has achieved this remarkable record of consistency and top flight performance by staying true to its founding goal: To provide international clients with a wealth of information technology that is efficient, self-reliant, and fully cost effective. As a result, the company has racked up an impressive clientele list of over 500 international companies and a per annum gross income of over $1 billion dollars.

A Lifetime Of Unique Qualifications For His Present CEO Position

The name of Shaygan Kheradpir should not really be all that new to most observers and participants in the international information technology industry. The association of Mr. Kheradpir with Coriant actually began a few years ago when he received an appointment as an internationally recognized operating partner at Coriant’s parent company, Marlin Equity. http://www.forbes.com/sites/peterhigh/2014/09/08/shaygan-kheradpirs-journey-from-cio-of-verizon-to-ceo-of-juniper-networks/#7270bc3177cb

No one doubts that his stellar performance as a partner recommended him for his current position. Meanwhile, reports of rapid progress in his newfound role as CEO have been warmly received. As a result, the upcoming changes will not be seen as jarring or completely unheralded, but will very likely be welcomed as an inevitable strategic adjustment to changing times and the ever evolving demands of the marketplace.

Mitigating a PR Scandal Explained

A public relations scandal is one of the worst things any business or, for that matter, private person has to deal with. When the public learns of embarrassing or other trouble events, things snowball. Businesses lose profits and people lose friends. Or do they? Honestly, the way in which a response to a public relations scandal is handled plays a major role in whether or not the scandal causes maximum damage. Darius Fisher of Status Labs spoke to Austin Monthly about ways to deal with an image management crisis. His advice is timely and makes sense.

Being prepared for a scandal may seem like odd advice, but it is good advice. Disaster preparedness is not always about dealing with earthquakes and power outages. Disaster preparedness refers to dealing with any types of disasters including public relations ones. Having plans in place and being ready to move on them when a media catastrophe occurs would be a good plan.

So is rushing into action right away. Those who delay find the media narrative getting away from them. So, don’t wait too long to address the issue. Those who are clearly in the wrong should own up to their errors. Show humility and say “sorry” if necessary. Doing so may help the problem go away.

Release all information about the scandal immediately to avoid slow news reports that drag things out. Last, get help from the professionals. This is where Status Labs proves exceptionally useful. The company’s success is proof of this.

Status Labs has made a number of interesting moves in its home base of Austin, TX. Company growth has led the company to relocate to the bigger venue in the vaunted business district of the west Texas city. The firm has also joined the local Chamber of Commerce, which is a good move for any business hoping to tap into local business. The New York office has also grown, having moved to a larger location. The new size of the offices should help accommodate an expanded staff.

All of that good fortune should boost confidence in anyone seeking helps to deal with an awful PR scandal.

Find Status Labs on Tumblr and other social media to learn more about their company.

SKOUT out that potato chip!

Did you know that the potato chip has it’s own day of recognition? That’s right March 14th is National Potato Chip Day!

According to a press release, SKOUT, the app that is known for helping people meet other people, recently conducted a survey in order to find out what potato chip flavor was most popular among potato chip connoisseurs.

So, survey says that 96% of the people surveyed do like potato chips. That being said, those who enjoyed lime/citrus flavor just happened to have 5 or more close friends. Those who preferred hot and spicy chips were also more hot and spicy in the bedroom.

If you are into health those low salt chip lovers are into exercising daily. On the flip side, the least likely folks to exercise were those plain or cheddar chip lovers.

If you are a late night snacker you would probably be most likely to share your chips, any flavor, with Jimmy Fallon. Kimble and Colbert came in next followed by Myers, Noah, Oliver and Corden.

This being a big election year we just couldn’t leave out the politicians. When SKOUT asked which Democrat would they like to share a bag of chips with, the two remaining candidates, Hillary and Bernie were clear winners. On the republican side it was Trump all the way. Oh well those other 16 candidates all dropped out anyway.

Of those who like flavored chips, if you are a Trump fan, barbecue is your pleasure. If you were a Rubio fan they preferred lime/citrus and Cruz supporters preferred cheddar. Let’s not forget about Kasich who was in good physical shape, so those fans enjoyed those low salt chips.

The survey was conducted during the contentious Republican debates in Februry 2016. Three thousand forty six Americans were polled for this survey.

In honor of National Potato Chip Day SKOUT gave a cash donation to S.F.Marin food bank for every virtual potato chip sticker Skouters gave to each other through the app. SKOUT will continue it’s donations until they serve 20,000 people facing hunger.
To read the entire article please follow http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/skout-celebrates-national-potato-chip-day-with-survey-results-revealing-what-your-favorite-flavor-says-about-you-300233903.html

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Michael Zomber: The Career Behind the Name

Collecting items as a hobby provides most people with a sense of satisfaction and enjoyment that is unique to that individual. One of these individuals, Michael Zomber, finds solace in collecting antique weaponry such as firearms, samurai swords and other infamous battle tested items. He has been in the hobby of collecting for over 40 years and has shared his experiences with others through publications in novels, film, and television series. Below is just a brief bio into Michael’s life as a collector.

As mentioned previous, Michael started his hobby nearly 40 years ago and instantly took to a historical approach when obtaining these items. His items each have a rich historical background which prompted an association with the History Channel show Tales of the Guns. It takes a look at infamous guns of certain time periods, guns that are prominent in other culture’s histories, and expensive weaponry. He has also produced fiction and non-fiction writes that have covered some histories of the samurai sword and other such weapons of the time periods.

As much as his love for guns and swords is evident, Michael also participates heavily non-governmental organizations (NGOs) to combat against violence and armed conflict. Groups he is associated with include, but are not limited to: UNICEF, Doctors Without Borders, and Amnesty International and Global Exchange. While his goals are to collect these unique items, he also knows and understands the potential dangers they possess and advocates for protection rights and activist groups.

Among all of these qualities, Michael has directed and produced a film by the name FLASH! This 2003 work is a completely different side from his hobby career and showcases a group of 8 different models traveling for a modeling project in California.

As one will find, Michael Zomber is a very accomplished and successful individual. Whether it is samurai swords or bikini models; the man does it all.

Eric Pulier Helps Find Better Technology For A New Age

Eric Pulier has been searching for technology for a new age since he got out of college in the 90s. His search has taken him to many different parts of the country, and he has worked on a lot of projects that are varied in their scope. He started in the 90s when he started up People Doing Things. He advocated for people to get assistive technology and other things they needed for their own needs. He moved on to Starbright World, and that was a social network that helped connect chronically ill kids with other ill kids.

The progress of his jobs took him to the transition team that helped the US prepare for Y2K. He sat on a team put together by the Clinton administration, and he was able to share his ideas of what would make people ready to go into the 21st Century. He is now helping people find new technology in the 21st Century, and he knows how to make it a lot easier for everyone to get the things they need. He works on educational items daily, and he also sits on the X Prize committee.

He wants to see people come out for the X Prize with something that is going to change the world, and he wants to see these people think outside the box with the technology they create. He wants to see people making a difference in the world instead of only doing what is needed for the prize, and he wants to help people who do not have the same advantages that other people have. That is very important to Eric Pulier because it is something that aids all of society.

The progressive nature of what Eric Pulier does is very important to the people of the world who are disadvantaged, and he is always looking for new way for technology to make a difference. Technology is going to change the world, and it is going to help people make the most of their lives. Pulier’s entire career has been dedicated to helping people with his newest creations.

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John Goullet: A Born Leader

Some leaders are built and some leaders are born to lead. In the case of John Goullet, he was born to lead, without a shadow of a doubt. It is in his blood and it is something he is quite comfortable doing. He knows how to get the best results by leading a certain way. He knows when to be hands-on and he knows when to back off and let his team do their job. He’s also an entrepreneur, which means that he knows how to do things that others are unable to do. That is not a knock on anyone. It is just the cold hard facts. He is able to create, build, lead, and put a plan into motion.

From early on, John Goullet has never been afraid of anything. That is why he is a born leader. A leader is someone that looks danger in the face, says “bring it on,” and tackles it with gusto and conviction. He has been in charge of a great number of hugely successful ventures in the IT sector. He believes in the work he has put in and he stands by it. He likes to let the results speak for themselves. He has never been the kind of person that is going to pound his chest and brag about his accomplishments. That is not his game and never will be.

Another wonderful thing about John is his ability to look into the future and see the market trends and adapt to them accordingly. He is not afraid to take risks and he has his pulse on the market. Because of this, he is never caught off guard or unprepared. He is like a great quarterback in the fourth quarter. He is able to focus on the task at hand, getting it done, and accomplishing it. He doesn’t like to make excuses or point fingers. That is why he has been such a vital part of Diversant and will be for many, many years to come. He is a valuable asset to the company, but you would never hear him take the credit for it. He gives all the credit to those he works with, day in and day out.

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John Goullet and Diversant are Leading With Solutions