Thor Halvorseen Demands Equality For All

Dedicated and unapologetic human rights activist Thor Halvorssen is a man on a mission. As president of the Human Rights Foundation, a nonprofit he launched in New York in 2005. His passion and knowledge behind his relentless fight comes from his own personal experience. After his parents both fell victim to retaliation from the Venezuelan government for exposing their wrongdoings, Halvorssen knew he needed to make a change. Learn more about Thor Halvorssen:

Using his own tragedies as fuel to ignite his own fire, he began his battle against government and the fight for human rights. Placing himself in the center of the battle, Halvorssen has suffered physical abuse while fighting for the just treatment for all.

Vietnamese authorities launched an attack and arrested Thor Halvorssen when both he and a cameraman took a trip to Ho Chi Minh City in hopes of interviewing Thich Quang Do. Unmoved by this attack, he used it as more fuel to his fire and pressed on in his fight.

Aside from his contributions to the fight for human rights, he has also produced several films, and made contributions to establishing individual rights and civil liberties for all. In 2009 Halvorssen founded the Oslo Freedom Forum. Though the conference was intended to be a one time event, due to its success it has taken place annually since its launch. Read more: Thor Halvorssen | Facebook

According to Crunchbase, Thor Halvorssen also founded the Moving Picture Institute in 2005 as a non-profit film production company. His goal was to reach viewers around the world through true to life documentaries and stories centered on human rights and the importance of equality.

With the lineage of prosperous and esteemed individuals, Halvorsen’s success and dedication both come as no surprise to those who know him. He is compassionate on matters involving the freedom and liberty of others, and dedicates himself to fighting against human trafficking, slavery and injustice in politics.

Armed with his degree in Political Science and History, Halvorseen is ready for battle both physically and mentally. Though he seeks no reward or recognition for his actions, Halvorssen is the proud recipient of multiple awards for his achievements in the fight for human rights.

Giving Back: Malini Saba’s Story

Malini Saba grew up in the tiny island nation of Sri Lanka. She did not have much from the time she was a child to the time she moved to the United States, and she was only able to bring about $200 with her to her new home. However, she was full of dreams and felt empowered enough to take the world by storm. Now she is one of the most successful businesswomen in the world, and her philanthropic ventures put her on par with some of the most influential givers in recent history.


Malini Saba became interested in business at a very young age. From the first time she sat in a business course, she wanted to become involved in investments and join a venture capital firm. She, unfortunately, did not have the capital requirements that most venture capital firms want, so she was turned down everywhere that she applied. She soon decided that she would rather work for herself than some other investor, so she created Saban.


In the early years, Saban quickly grew to be an investment powerhouse. Starting off by investing in technology and oil and gas, the company rode the waves of increased use of tech and the increased prices of oil. Saban quickly grew and expanded further in the international marketplace. Malini loves to take risks and go where no other investors dare to go. That is when she entered the real estate market in India, before the economic boom that the country saw in the 2000s. This created even more wealth for Saban and Malini, and she knew that she had to start giving back.


That was when Malini created the nonprofit organization called Stree. This organization’s main focus was women’s issues on an international scale. Growing up in Asia, Malini Saba was more than familiar with what women had to go through. While we may talk about a glass ceiling in the U.S., women in these countries faced a ceiling made of steel that was impossible to break through. That is why Stree offers low income and women who are at-risk the ability to get healthcare, get legal counseling, and get training in entrepreneurship and business.


Malini’s giving did not stop there. She has given millions to charities and causes that are very important to her. In 2004, after the huge tsunami devastated much of India and Sri Lanka, she donated $10 million to help fund relief efforts. Now that is a great story.



Move Bad News Down the Search Engines

Bad news is not something anyone wishes to hear much less read about when he or she is the actual topic of the bad news. And reading bad news is sometimes unavoidable when glossing over the internet. As much as it would be preferable to only come across positive vibes and good cheer, the internet is home to a lot of negativity. Bad press or bad reviews and do a lot of harm to a business owner who is trying to stay above water financially.

As agitating as bad reviews can be, nothing is worse than reading personal information published online. Document dumps do happen and they happen with notorious frequency. No one wants to find out items hacked from a computer are now floating around on the World Wide Web. And then there is the age-old forum flame war or social media dust-up. Disastrous incidents such as these end up remaining online seemingly forever and can prove very embarrassing. In some cases, the incidents could also lead to financial losses.

Running a global online search is a very good idea. Upon finding bad news, steps must be taken to fix the situation. Producing new content for the internet that overshadows troubling material is a very logical solution. Such work, however, must be left to capable hands.

Procuring the services of a professional online reputation management firm may be the best way to get out of a bad search engine results quagmire.

A professional firm can chart a path necessary to fix the results in the search engines. Simply dumping content online is really not going to be enough. The content has to be well written, effectively optimized for the search engines, and be placed on appropriate blogs or websites. The actual content should be well written. Otherwise, the impact will be minimal. This would defeat the purpose of engaging in reputation management work in the first place.

Bury Bad Articles is one of the newer online reputation management companies on the scene. Anyone in need of having a reputation problem addressed should check the company’s website out. The company can do a lot to bury bad news and other woes. Fair pricing and solid customer service make Bury Bad Articles a strong contender for best newcomer in the industry.

Having a damaged reputation and horrific search engine results fixed without delay should be the mission for anyone in a bad situation. Time is short and action should be taken.

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What Entrepreneurs Should Know About Content and Inbound Marketing

Advertising is the soul of businesses and has been competitive across different states. Many companies are focused on providing content marketing and inbound advertising. As such, entrepreneurs have got high expectations of getting positive results from the Brazilian advertisements at They tend to forget that advertising of products and services is not the only solution to increasing sales.

Jose’ Borghi, the CEO of Mullen Lowe Brazil says that inbound marketing is a strategy to attract audiences by delivering information to help them solve their problems. This involves the delivery of materials with relevant marketing content. Jose Borghi argues that it is through such commitments that a brand can gain customers’ trust and authority in the marketplace. Creating awareness of a product among consumers will only be successful if relevant information is provided.

Jose’ Borghi says that after succeeding in delivering market content, a customer will purchase products or contract services. The most important thing to do is to identify appropriate ways of conveying a product’s information. Drawn by the quest to acquire more customers, many firms end up using poorly planned strategies.

Strategies of Advertising

The publicist of Mullen Lowe Brazil explains some of the advertising methods that should be employed by businesses. It is crucial for a business to publish original information about a brand on their websites. The information can be shared across all social networks to earn the brand some points. Jose’ insists that doing this is not enough for content marketing. There needs to be a plan that goes far beyond interesting information. Conducting a proper research about customers’ taste, preferences and their buying processes is significant.

One of the main pillars of advertising is providing useful information about a product or a service. A company should identify the best target group as their customer. They should be able to understand the importance and use of a product. There is no need of providing information about satisfied consumers in advertising. Today’s consumers are well informed before making a purchase. Therefore, a company should focus more on providing information rather than evidence.

A firm and its content should be present in social networks. The use of an advertising agency to disclose products’ information in different areas is critical. It is important to study and select the best social networks that will deliver information appropriately. Mullen Lowe Brazil insists that being present in social networks is not just about posting stuff and logging out. A firm has to participate by following their readers’ comments.

David Osio passion affair with philanthropy

Other than his reputation as a successful businessman, David Osio has made a name for himself as one of the top charity givers. David Osio has made a mark in the music, art, and research industries through his philanthropic efforts. A good part of his donations has also ended up supporting the well being of different world societies.

David Osio supports philanthropy by providing financial donations and sometimes, through provision of professional services and expertise. His good relationships with different NGOs allow him to be involved in their activities in the support of the growth of people and preservation of art and culture.

In an effort to touch more people’s lives, Mr. Osio has recently been focused on growing his philanthropic outreach to an international level. As a result, he has become constantly involved with agencies that impact the lives of people on a global scale. Learn more:

David Osio said that he feels rewarded when his support to organizations results in satisfactory smiles from millions of people across the world. Mr. Osio also offers his service as a board member to different community-based organizations such as the Miami Symphony Orchestra. The Miami Symphony Orchestra is an organization that he has supported over the years and made sure that all their operations have been running smoothly.

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The Children Orthopedic Foundation has been another notable organization that Mr. Osio has supported over the years. For several years, Mr. Osio has also been the traditional sponsor for the EPK awards.

Mr. Osio has also been a strong campaigner of philanthropy in society. He maintains that people need to be aware of the power they forge by coming together to support a cause such as medical research. He argues that if people were to join hands in charity, then the society would be a better place and they would positively impact the lives of each other.

David Osio’s contribution to art has been solid. In the spirit of supporting art based organizations; he funds the Saludarte foundation of art in Miami enabling many artists to find a platform to exhibit their work.

His support for philanthropy and art has not gone unnoticed. David Osio has earned several awards that have recognized his contribution to community.

David Osio is the founder of the Davos Financial Group, a global financial group that runs various businesses and investments. The Davos financial group also runs branches in strategic business hubs in the world.

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