Paul Mampilly Gives The Greatest Medical Breakthrough In History

Paul Mampilly is a renowned senior editor in various companies including True Momentum, Extreme Fortunes,and Profits unlimited at Banyan Hill Publishing. In addition to that, he is the founder of Profits Unlimited, a newsletter that gives guide to subscribers on stocks predicted to sprout higher. Paul also manages the other two companies; True Momentum and Extreme Fortunes.

It is exciting how he describes a treatment method where one’s DNA is used as an outline for making a drug to fit a person’s genetic composition. Diseases deemed incurable becoming a thing of the past with the new discovery. He describes a medical breakthrough set to revolutionize the whole game.

Paul Mampilly confirmed that the leading company in the precision medicine revolution is the Mid-Western which tends to be a huge winner. The company captures more and more clients in the health care market. The mid-western company is on the precipe of the greatest medical breakthrough in the man kind’s history.

The company happens to be leading in the DNA diagnosis with its overall objective being to assess whether individuals develop a disease. It is also involved in determining the drug therapy the patient responds to best. The main targets for the company includes various forms of cancer ranging from the breast, lung, ovary, uterine, and even prostate.

Doctors in the company are simply allowed to accurately identify the treatments and medicines that work best in preventing patients in getting a particular disease. They also ascertain other medicines that helps patients to overcome existing diseases and this is all centered on a person’s genes. Watch videos on Paul’s Youtube channel.

Paul Mampilly talked about the precision medicine where a medicine is designed to fit a person’s specific genetic makeup. He argued that the same way that the medicine was achieved; it is also possible to prevent diseases from developing further in the body.

The new method takes into consideration various diseases that were once seen as untreatable and saves people’s lives whose diseases seemed to be death sentences. With this, many companies have highly involved themselves in precision medicine all aiming at saving patients’ lives. However, various stories have been given about the success of the precision medicine though none of it gives the actual treatment that someone receives.

Since before, many patients have always suffered from incurable diseases and hence this revolution gives hope to many. This means that all diseases considered to be fatal are no longer a threat anymore and hence people may benefit from these services. Follow Paul on Medium.

Change Is Inevitable; Luiz Carlos Trabuco Maintains Initial Position

In October 2017, Lazaro Brandao de Mello, the former president of Banco Bradesco stepped down voluntarily. After serving for 25 years, he concluded that it was critical for him to quit work and allow a youthful leader to step into his position. Well, Brandao had worked with the company for quite some time, and it was time for him to elect a slightly experienced leader who could fit into his shoes. Before he quit, he stated the importance of Banco Bradesco maintaining the ethics with internal recruitment being the dominant aspect in question. Well, when the board of directors needed a new president, they considered the factor. But before that, Luiz Carlos Trabuco was appointed to hold the leadership position temporarily.

Background Data

Luiz Carlos Trabuco was elated to step in as the incumbent president. Partly serving as the chairman as well, he made sure that the wishes of Brandao were honored in every way including maintaining the business model. After a few months of service, Luiz Carlos Trabuco held a meeting with the board of directors to discuss the way forward for the institution. They stated that it was critical for the institution to observe vital issues like leadership; for example. In a different meeting, they discussed the value of every proposed leader and his contribution to the industry. After a series of meetings, they decided to elect Octavio de Lazari to lead the firm.


Who is Octavio?
54-year-old Octavio de Lazari is the new president of the institution. He is also the serving as the chief executive officer and will maintain that position. In an official statement, Banco Bradesco cited the dominant leadership traits of Octavio de Lazari stating that he had exceptional personal merits that better describe him as a professional who understands the manner in which business should be operated. Other than that, Octavio de Lazari has been working with Bradesco for decades. As such, he is not only familiar with the bank’s expectations of him but also fully aware of the responsibilities that await him.

What’s Next?

There have been questions about what Bradesco should expect after this transition. Well, the bank is still in capable hands because the people in charge are responsible and experienced in many ways including market the brand. Trabuco will retain his position as the chairman of the organization.

Work and Contribution

Luiz joined Bradesco as a teenager being a clerk. He worked hard to earn elevation. He has more than 40 years of experience in the bank. With the appraisals of the board of directors, he was appointed to serve as the credit officer then the project manager of the finance department. From that point, he was sure that his career would grow tremendously; and it did.

The Overview

Change is inevitable. In organizations especially, it is almost impossible to evade the possibilities of having a new leader on board. Even so, employees should embrace the opportunities presented by positive transitions when change is mentioned. Luiz Carlos Trabuco will work beside Octavio de Lazari to foster a healthy working relationship with the organization.

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