Conversion Rate Optimization and the Role of Sentient AI

In the mind of an entrepreneur, most people, if not all of them, are potential clients. For the marketer and sales agent, each client is gauged by the amount of revenue s/he brings to the company. It is imperative that once a client has signed up for a product or service s/he actually goes ahead to buy that product or service hence their membership is converted to revenue.

From time immemorial, conversion rate optimization has been the bonus of many a marketing department. It is considered as the holy grail of marketing. Even with the use of technology, marketing still costs a humongous amount for any company, but with the advent of artificial intelligence, this is likely to change.

With artificial intelligence (AI), it is possible to make the customer experience more satisfying than it is without. Customers can rest assured of getting value for their money, and not being exposed to irrelevant or outdated incentives through the use of AI. With such an outlook, it is expected that it will be quite normal for customers to envisage businesses that understand their needs and excellently step in to cater for those needs.

To achieve conversion rate optimization, companies will need to consider AI that can speak to customers through voice assistance as is the case with Google Assist and Alexa. That notwithstanding, it will also be imperative for them to consider the reduction of turn-around times or the time it takes to provide a service or manufacture a product. This will ensure that customers get what they want when they want it.

Sentient AIs should also be able to look after the clients as a form of value addition to the service or product being provided. For example, a product can be made which, apart from service a specific purpose, can also alert the user when say, the air has been contaminated.

Sentient AI has been used successfully in the banking sector. Of particular interest in this regard is American Express, which makes it much easier for exporters to receive foreign currency and for buyers to initiate electronic payments for their suppliers. American express may be regarded as one of the banks that have achieved conversion rate optimization.

It is expected that digital marketing in the telecommunications sector will also resort to sentient AI for conversion rate optimization. The role of AI cannot be overemphasized with regard to network automation and technological integration.

Keeping your Wikipedia Page Professional

As Leonardo DiCaprio continues to celebrate his much sought after Oscar Award, his fans are all out showing their love for him. This is evidenced by Leo’s Wikipedia filmography page. Owing to the ability of Wikipedia to be edited by any person, the page was being managed by a person who most probably was a diehard fan of Leo. As a result, Leo’s Wikipedia page is currently being riddled with some uncouth phrases. This means Leonardo will have to get someone to update his Wikipedia page once all the celebrations are over.

Leo’s triumph at this year’s Oscars has come as a surprise even to his fans. The Hollywood actor had previously received five nominations for the prestigious award, but had never won any. This time, the film, “The Revenant” managed to scoop him Hollywood’s most coveted price. This film was also able to bag him the BAFTA Award and the Golden Globe Award. In his acceptance speech, Leo gave a moving speech thanking all individuals he has worked with in the past, and called for all people to actively participate in environmental conservation.

Benefits of Creating a Wikipedia Page

Wikipedia is an open source site that can act as an effective online marketing platform if used in the appropriate manner. Some of the benefits presented by Wikipedia include the following:

• It is possible to edit or create your brand, business or biography on its website.

• It adds prestige, credibility and authenticity to your brand, business or persona.

Can lead to an increase in sales.

• Enhances visibility in the search engine results.

Getting professionals 

By visiting a Wikipedia editing service like Get Your Wiki, you can be assured of getting knowledgeable and proven writers that will save you the headache of creating the page yourself. These Wiki experts for hire will also offer you endless opportunities and advantages for your business or online presence.

Some of the benefits that you can accrue from outsourcing professionals to do the writing or editing for you include:

• Wikipedia monitoring and Wiki page updates

While most Wikipedia edits are done with a good motive, other edits may be malicious and may hurt a person’s or company’s reputation. With professional monitoring service, you can be assured that every edit is accurate and beneficial to Wikipedia.

• Wikipedia translation

By hiring Wiki writers to manage your Wikipedia page, your content can be translated in any of the world’s major language. They will provide you with the necessary help to interact with any community irrespective of your choice.

• Value for money

Professional Wiki editors will ensure that you page is in line with the standards of Wikipedia. Once your page is on Wikipedia, you can be assured it will rank among the top 5 in the search results.