New Directions for San Luis Obispo’s Living Community


As many people know, a store manager, or company CEO, many times bears the full brunt of responsibility as to whether the store or company goes north or goes south as a successful venture. Knowing this fact, no where is this more apparent than with the directors of The Manse on Marsh assisted living facilities in San Luis Obispo, Cal.


In particular, what may be San Luis Obispo’s premier senior living community, and its Board of Directors, has whole-heartedly welcomed the new CEO, Farron Bernhardt, with more than 30 years of experienced senior housing leadership, to take the helm of this distinguished facility.


As of lately, Mr. Bernhardt has served as Vice President of Assisted Living for Nevada Housing and Neighborhood Development(HAND). He’s also developed a reputation for his engaging, collaborative approach to managing facilities of this kind and instilling a sense of pride and quality living within the community of residents and their respective staffs.


Says Bernhardt, “I’m honored to join the team; I look forward to getting to know our wonderful residents, and most of all, I’m excited to get to work ensuring that the Manse on Marsh sets the standard for excellence in senior care for the Central Coast and beyond.”


About The Community


Located in downtown San Luis Obispo, the community is easily one of the city’s most prestigious providers. Award-winning on several fronts, it is strategically located close enough for families in need of assisted living care to look to this facility for vital solutions.


Arroyo Grande, Paso Robles and other nearby communities also benefit from the community as more residents gladly call it “home.”


Having been recently designated as “Best of 2016” by, and being positioned among the top 1 percent of senior care providers nationally, The Manse has a host of activities that make it a community of choice for those of discriminating needs.


Among the many amenities offered are spacious apartments, private homes, high-quality open dining, accessible transportation, social activities, maid and laundry services, a nurse on staff 24/7 and caregivers.