Move Bad News Down the Search Engines

Bad news is not something anyone wishes to hear much less read about when he or she is the actual topic of the bad news. And reading bad news is sometimes unavoidable when glossing over the internet. As much as it would be preferable to only come across positive vibes and good cheer, the internet is home to a lot of negativity. Bad press or bad reviews and do a lot of harm to a business owner who is trying to stay above water financially.

As agitating as bad reviews can be, nothing is worse than reading personal information published online. Document dumps do happen and they happen with notorious frequency. No one wants to find out items hacked from a computer are now floating around on the World Wide Web. And then there is the age-old forum flame war or social media dust-up. Disastrous incidents such as these end up remaining online seemingly forever and can prove very embarrassing. In some cases, the incidents could also lead to financial losses.

Running a global online search is a very good idea. Upon finding bad news, steps must be taken to fix the situation. Producing new content for the internet that overshadows troubling material is a very logical solution. Such work, however, must be left to capable hands.

Procuring the services of a professional online reputation management firm may be the best way to get out of a bad search engine results quagmire.

A professional firm can chart a path necessary to fix the results in the search engines. Simply dumping content online is really not going to be enough. The content has to be well written, effectively optimized for the search engines, and be placed on appropriate blogs or websites. The actual content should be well written. Otherwise, the impact will be minimal. This would defeat the purpose of engaging in reputation management work in the first place.

Bury Bad Articles is one of the newer online reputation management companies on the scene. Anyone in need of having a reputation problem addressed should check the company’s website out. The company can do a lot to bury bad news and other woes. Fair pricing and solid customer service make Bury Bad Articles a strong contender for best newcomer in the industry.

Having a damaged reputation and horrific search engine results fixed without delay should be the mission for anyone in a bad situation. Time is short and action should be taken.

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Bury Bad Articles’ Solution to Bad Review

Imagine waking up in the one morning and finding complaints everywhere in your online page. Then you discover that a client or a random person has made an allegation about your products. In this case, it is not important if the information is true or not, but the damage is immense. People have been in this situations, and they have not liked them. The thought of beginning to explain in all your clients can be painful.

Many businesses have fallen because of panic caused by mere allegations. Your competitor can use this as a way to finish your business, and if his language is convincing, you may lose a fraction of your business. It is unfortunate especially for businesses built on trust. Also, people can use past events that happened in your organization and frame them as current happening. The potential customers may be convinced that your dealings are not straight. That may cost you the whole business. Ask yourself where these bad articles can come from;

Former employees

When one leaves work on a wrong note, they may set their minds on revenge. What a better way than write a bad article in the name of “exposing” the former employer. Some clients may want to believe them because they think that because he was in the company, he has authority to speak. The attempts may reduce your business.


The struggle to get business and increase market share makes people do annoying things. Competitors may indirectly spread rumors that the new product you want to launch may have side effects. Therefore, they may try to encourage people to shun the product. The case is worse if they have a point to anchor on their allegations.

Rogue clients

There is a class of customers that are a pain. They are high maintenance, and they know that you need them. If you fail to fulfill some of their demands, they may make it their duty to taint your name. Because the business is done online, and there is no physical contact. Therefore, they have a high chance of spoiling your image.

Bury Bad Articles is designed to save you from these situations. When one writes a bad article about your organization, it is buried, and no one can see it when they search the internet. When you contact BBA, they will safeguard your business against malicious people. Equally, they can save your face when you have made a mistake.


White Shark Media Gives Tips On Improving SEOs

Is Your Business Getting The Attention It Deserves?

In order to get the right amount of high quality leads, your business needs to have a secure marketing plan. Most secure marketing plans that work have an advertising campaign attached to them, so you can see exactly where your good leads are coming from. You will want content and articles that point directly to your page. Along with having a good online reputation, your business needs to have the right keywords that are search engine optimized. It takes a lot of extra planning, time and effort to formulate a quality, working advertising campaign for your business. I try to leave that to the professionals at White Shark Media.

The certified, trained staff at White Shark Media is completely equipped with the knowledge and resources to formulate a quality advertising campaign for any small or medium sized business. They have over 180 people working for them, working as qualified digital marketing experts. They are the premium company in adwords management. The services that White Shark Media have rendered for my company have impressed me beyond measure. I am thoroughly impressed with the results that we have experienced from our advertising campaign with White Shark Media, and their staff is helpful whenever we have questions about our program.

White Shark Media is a Google Adwords Premier SMB Partner, a title that is not given out, but companies that fit this description are hand selected, so you know that White Shark Media is credible right from the start. They are also affiliated with Bing, as a Bing Ads Elite SMB Partner, which is an added bonus. Their staff consists of 52 members that are Google Analytics certified, and they also have 57 members that are Bing Ads accredited. Their staff is helpful, knowledgeable and resourceful when it comes to tackling all the issues that come up with keywords and SEOs.

One of the staff members at White Shark Media wrote this compelling piece of information about keywords, search engines and how to maximize their use. In the article, the writer (who is an SEO specialist at White Shark Media) talks about SEOs, and he discusses how they are used by search engines to classify businesses.

In order to get the most out of your SEOs and keywords, according to the White Shark Media article, you will want to have a target audience in mind. The audience that you are targeting will have certain desires or intents when they use a search engine. White Shark Media will help you pinpoint exactly what the user’s intent will be, and your business will grow.