SKOUT 2016 Survey At A Glace

Every year, many people start the year with new resolutions. According to research conducted by Skout, friends will play the biggest role in your keeping of resolutions this year.

In the list released by the San Francisco-based company, if you want a year filled with health and fitness, your social circle will make you stick to exercising. Fancy gadgets and expensive trekking shoes will make little difference.

This year, most people expect to go for more blind dates and don’t think open relationships are any better. It will also be a year many people will be looking for more friends. They will expect the more friends to translate to promotions, more money and help them get a saving culture.

This year, many people expect to spruce up their appearance. Classy is the new humble. The survey shows the friends you keep are everything you would wish.

The study was conducted in the US and involved 3700 respondents. It was done by a Skout which is a leading platform for people to meet. It has over 500 million registered users in 180 countries. It is available in 14 countries. Its App is downloadable on IOS, Google and Microsoft devices.

Skout was founded in 2007 by Christian and Sesars.The two are of Swedish origin and came to invest. They have managed to build an empire stretching the entire world with innovative social offerings.

Skout has since launched a social networking site. It was the 1st location based social site that optimized your location to give helpful social networks. In 2009, they realized most people were using the site for dating, so they decided to change it.

Skout has since then expanded and grown to have a host of other features. These characteristics include shake to chat and SKOUT travel.

Shake to Chat allows you to be connected to anyone with SKOUT around the world. It can give one random chat with interesting friends.

Skout Travel is a relationally way to tour new places. It connects you with friends who allow you make virtual tours in that country. Over 10 million people have signed up for that feature. It has led to a remarkable increase in tourism as the virtual tours do sometimes turn real.

Skout is a significant innovation which employs thousands of people. It has made it possible for shy people to get partners.

The article is a recap from SapT.