Handy Is An Exceptional Home Cleaning Startup

Spring cleaning is not the only time a home or apartment could use a thorough overhaul. Every season of the year should include a little time set aside for restoring an interior to the original condition it presented prior to move in. Maybe the look of the interior needs to be better than what was the case when first moving in.

The quandary here is people who wish an interior looked nice often can only wish. They lack the time of the ability to improve appearances. If only there was a way to snap one’s fingers and clean up an interior. While snapping one’s fingers won’t do much good, tapping the fingers on a smartphone app can do the proverbial trick. Handy has made this so.

The Handy app is a brilliant concept. The app allows for booking top freelancers to handle scores of tasks. Home cleaning is the original one Handy was based on. Today, Handy has expanded its offerings to maintenance, installation, and more.

The numbers of people wishing to book Handy’s services are rather vast. $1 million in bookings per week are handled through the Handy app. Those numbers are not going to drop. Handy continues to garner rave reviews and expand into more and more cities.

Wazzuppilipinas.com lists the few reasons why Handy is doing so well in the market. For one, the screening process employed by Handy makes sure only the best of the best freelancers are available for booking. Another reason is the booking process is made exceptionally easy.

Customers can sign up very easily, search for freelancers with few steps, and pay for all services online. Even tipping is possible through the app. No one has to worry about writing checks or paying cash in person. Freelancers surely prefer this process to. They are paid without delay and do not have to worry about insufficient funds or haggling.

The arrival of Handy is thanks to the proper mix of online commerce and the development of the “gig economy.”

Handy has taken the “Uber concept” and applied it to a different industry. Oisin Hanrahan and Umang Dua are the two entrepreneurs behind the startup. The two originally came up with the concept while at Harvard Business School. Millions in venture capital — including $12 million through General Catalyst Partners and Highland Capital Partners — has aided the company establish itself effectively in the market.

Handy is poised to make even bigger news and moves in the coming year.


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