Matt Badiali Talks Ethanol

Everyone in the U.S. is looking for the next generation fuel source. Fossil fuel is wearing thin and getting to a point where it’s causing more harm than good. For a brief moment, it looked like ethanol would be a suitable replacement, but it fell short when put to the test. Visit the website to learn more.

Mostly, ethanol fell out of favor because of the pain it causes the refinery industry. Now, society’s gotten to a point where they don’t care about the refinery industry, and people are looking into ethanol again. This is where someone like Matt Badiali comes in and offers his opinion.

According to Matt Badiali, people shouldn’t look at ethanol from the point of refineries; they should look at it from the point of corn farmers. One acre of corn can produce hundreds of gallons of ethanol, so to support the need; over 100 million acres of corn will be needed.

That’s huge for any corn farmer and means that U.S. farming is sure to spike over the next ten years. It’s that kind of “out of the box” thinking that’s made Matt Badiali on the most respected experts in the mining, energy, and agriculture industries.

Matt Badiali is not like most natural resources investors. For a start, he didn’t start out as an investor of anything. He started out as a Geology teacher and taught at Duke University and the University of North Carolina. He never even thought about investing in natural resources until he was offered a new type of job.

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While teaching at Duke University, he was offered the opportunity to work for an investor and travel the world. He jumped at the chance to go to places he never imagined he’d get to visit. Along the way, he learned about investing and realized he had an advantage over everyone else.

Not only did he love traveling and visiting mining sites, but he could understand what other experts were talking about. He could go somewhere and see if they were succeeding as they claimed. This advantage allowed him to make himself and his employer much money.

By the time he went out on his own, he had fallen in love with investing. Now, he spends most of his days traveling and seeking out new and exciting investment opportunities. Follow Matt on Facebook.