Neurocore Explores The Power Of The Mind

Neurocore Brain Performance Centers are a cutting-edge concept in healthcare. The organization specializes in providing data-driven brain-based assessments. Neurocore also offers training programs that assist children and adults with sleeping better. It helps them concentrate and manage the stress in their lives. The institute was founded in 2004 and has become the leading authority on applied neuroscience. There are 9 brain performance centers in the states of Michigan and Florida. Learn more about Neurocore at Crunchbase.

The ability to concentrate applies to many facets of life. The brain is a powerful tool that can shut out distractions and focus on one particular activity. It is able to perform at an optimum level when it reaches this non-reactive comfort zone. People are able to take their individual performances to a much higher level in this state of mind. Professional athletes are a great example of this type of mental conditioning.

Muscle memory is attained through repetitious work and practice. It is buried in the human subconscious. Many people call this state of mind the zone. Some human beings develop habits that allow their brains to relax. Then they are able to trigger the muscle memory and complete a particular action without having to think about. This optimum state of mind will lead to success every time. However, the challenge is getting to that state of mind every single time.


Uncomfortable sleep is a definitive sign that a person does not have the ability to concentrate. Stress distracts the mind and prevents a person from reaching a deeper level of relaxation. This affects a person’s mentally and physically. When the brain is put into a more comfortable condition it is able to support restorative sleep.

Neurocore investigates all of these options. It focuses on specific subjects that are powered by the brain such as depression, stress, anxiety, memory and migraines. Neurocore uses science-based methods in order to leverage the brain’s ability to naturally become stronger. Memory Boot Camp is one of the basic programs that can help with brain training and other issues that come with aging. Memory Boot Camp also integrates cognitive exercises, teaches diet and relaxation. Read more about Neurocore at