David Osio passion affair with philanthropy

Other than his reputation as a successful businessman, David Osio has made a name for himself as one of the top charity givers. David Osio has made a mark in the music, art, and research industries through his philanthropic efforts. A good part of his donations has also ended up supporting the well being of different world societies.

David Osio supports philanthropy by providing financial donations and sometimes, through provision of professional services and expertise. His good relationships with different NGOs allow him to be involved in their activities in the support of the growth of people and preservation of art and culture.

In an effort to touch more people’s lives, Mr. Osio has recently been focused on growing his philanthropic outreach to an international level. As a result, he has become constantly involved with agencies that impact the lives of people on a global scale. Learn more: https://www.visualcv.com/davidosio

David Osio said that he feels rewarded when his support to organizations results in satisfactory smiles from millions of people across the world. Mr. Osio also offers his service as a board member to different community-based organizations such as the Miami Symphony Orchestra. The Miami Symphony Orchestra is an organization that he has supported over the years and made sure that all their operations have been running smoothly.

Learn more: https://www.crunchbase.com/person/david-osio#/entity

The Children Orthopedic Foundation has been another notable organization that Mr. Osio has supported over the years. For several years, Mr. Osio has also been the traditional sponsor for the EPK awards.

Mr. Osio has also been a strong campaigner of philanthropy in society. He maintains that people need to be aware of the power they forge by coming together to support a cause such as medical research. He argues that if people were to join hands in charity, then the society would be a better place and they would positively impact the lives of each other.

David Osio’s contribution to art has been solid. In the spirit of supporting art based organizations; he funds the Saludarte foundation of art in Miami enabling many artists to find a platform to exhibit their work.

His support for philanthropy and art has not gone unnoticed. David Osio has earned several awards that have recognized his contribution to community.

David Osio is the founder of the Davos Financial Group, a global financial group that runs various businesses and investments. The Davos financial group also runs branches in strategic business hubs in the world.

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Handy Is An Exceptional Home Cleaning Startup

Spring cleaning is not the only time a home or apartment could use a thorough overhaul. Every season of the year should include a little time set aside for restoring an interior to the original condition it presented prior to move in. Maybe the look of the interior needs to be better than what was the case when first moving in.

The quandary here is people who wish an interior looked nice often can only wish. They lack the time of the ability to improve appearances. If only there was a way to snap one’s fingers and clean up an interior. While snapping one’s fingers won’t do much good, tapping the fingers on a smartphone app can do the proverbial trick. Handy has made this so.

The Handy app is a brilliant concept. The app allows for booking top freelancers to handle scores of tasks. Home cleaning is the original one Handy was based on. Today, Handy has expanded its offerings to maintenance, installation, and more.

The numbers of people wishing to book Handy’s services are rather vast. $1 million in bookings per week are handled through the Handy app. Those numbers are not going to drop. Handy continues to garner rave reviews and expand into more and more cities.

Wazzuppilipinas.com lists the few reasons why Handy is doing so well in the market. For one, the screening process employed by Handy makes sure only the best of the best freelancers are available for booking. Another reason is the booking process is made exceptionally easy.

Customers can sign up very easily, search for freelancers with few steps, and pay for all services online. Even tipping is possible through the app. No one has to worry about writing checks or paying cash in person. Freelancers surely prefer this process to. They are paid without delay and do not have to worry about insufficient funds or haggling.

The arrival of Handy is thanks to the proper mix of online commerce and the development of the “gig economy.”

Handy has taken the “Uber concept” and applied it to a different industry. Oisin Hanrahan and Umang Dua are the two entrepreneurs behind the startup. The two originally came up with the concept while at Harvard Business School. Millions in venture capital — including $12 million through General Catalyst Partners and Highland Capital Partners — has aided the company establish itself effectively in the market.

Handy is poised to make even bigger news and moves in the coming year.


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+ http://bigcitylittleblog.com/best-apps-for-new-yorkers/


New Directions for San Luis Obispo’s Living Community


As many people know, a store manager, or company CEO, many times bears the full brunt of responsibility as to whether the store or company goes north or goes south as a successful venture. Knowing this fact, no where is this more apparent than with the directors of The Manse on Marsh assisted living facilities in San Luis Obispo, Cal.


In particular, what may be San Luis Obispo’s premier senior living community, and its Board of Directors, has whole-heartedly welcomed the new CEO, Farron Bernhardt, with more than 30 years of experienced senior housing leadership, to take the helm of this distinguished facility.


As of lately, Mr. Bernhardt has served as Vice President of Assisted Living for Nevada Housing and Neighborhood Development(HAND). He’s also developed a reputation for his engaging, collaborative approach to managing facilities of this kind and instilling a sense of pride and quality living within the community of residents and their respective staffs.


Says Bernhardt, “I’m honored to join the team; I look forward to getting to know our wonderful residents, and most of all, I’m excited to get to work ensuring that the Manse on Marsh sets the standard for excellence in senior care for the Central Coast and beyond.”


About The Community


Located in downtown San Luis Obispo, the community is easily one of the city’s most prestigious providers. Award-winning on several fronts, it is strategically located close enough for families in need of assisted living care to look to this facility for vital solutions.


Arroyo Grande, Paso Robles and other nearby communities also benefit from the community as more residents gladly call it “home.”


Having been recently designated as “Best of 2016” by SeniorAdvisor.com, and being positioned among the top 1 percent of senior care providers nationally, The Manse has a host of activities that make it a community of choice for those of discriminating needs.


Among the many amenities offered are spacious apartments, private homes, high-quality open dining, accessible transportation, social activities, maid and laundry services, a nurse on staff 24/7 and caregivers.

Bury Bad Articles’ Solution to Bad Review

Imagine waking up in the one morning and finding complaints everywhere in your online page. Then you discover that a client or a random person has made an allegation about your products. In this case, it is not important if the information is true or not, but the damage is immense. People have been in this situations, and they have not liked them. The thought of beginning to explain in all your clients can be painful.

Many businesses have fallen because of panic caused by mere allegations. Your competitor can use this as a way to finish your business, and if his language is convincing, you may lose a fraction of your business. It is unfortunate especially for businesses built on trust. Also, people can use past events that happened in your organization and frame them as current happening. The potential customers may be convinced that your dealings are not straight. That may cost you the whole business. Ask yourself where these bad articles can come from;

Former employees

When one leaves work on a wrong note, they may set their minds on revenge. What a better way than write a bad article in the name of “exposing” the former employer. Some clients may want to believe them because they think that because he was in the company, he has authority to speak. The attempts may reduce your business.


The struggle to get business and increase market share makes people do annoying things. Competitors may indirectly spread rumors that the new product you want to launch may have side effects. Therefore, they may try to encourage people to shun the product. The case is worse if they have a point to anchor on their allegations.

Rogue clients

There is a class of customers that are a pain. They are high maintenance, and they know that you need them. If you fail to fulfill some of their demands, they may make it their duty to taint your name. Because the business is done online, and there is no physical contact. Therefore, they have a high chance of spoiling your image.

Bury Bad Articles is designed to save you from these situations. When one writes a bad article about your organization, it is buried, and no one can see it when they search the internet. When you contact BBA, they will safeguard your business against malicious people. Equally, they can save your face when you have made a mistake.


NYC Apartments And Real Estate For Rent


The NYC apartments for rent and real estate properties that people need are going to be much easier to find when someone is prepared with the information they need from TOWN Residential. TOWN Residential is very plugged into the community, and they want to help all their clients find places where they can live comfortably. There are a couple things to consider with NYC apartments for rent that TOWN Residential knows about because they have done their research.


The best thing that people can do is find what is most popular among the young people who are moving to the city. They are pushing the whole city in a new direction where the NYC apartments for rent will have wifi and all the electrical features that make the apartments more worth the money. It is something that people need to be able to find if they will enjoy living in the city, but the only way to get something that is worth the money is to work with TOWN Residential. The customer who checks with TOWN Residential will get the most current information, and they can search with a broker who knows the area.


Everyone who comes to TOWN Residential can go anywhere in the city to shop for a place to live. Shopping for a place to live that will be most pleasing is easier because TOWN Residential will go from one borough to another without any problem. They want to do a tour of NYC apartments for rent so that the client is ready for help, and they know that this will work for people who are shopping for the first time. This is what happens when people are trying to move into the city and find the right agent. TOWN Residential makes everything much easier for the shopper.

White Shark Media Gives Tips On Improving SEOs

Is Your Business Getting The Attention It Deserves?

In order to get the right amount of high quality leads, your business needs to have a secure marketing plan. Most secure marketing plans that work have an advertising campaign attached to them, so you can see exactly where your good leads are coming from. You will want content and articles that point directly to your page. Along with having a good online reputation, your business needs to have the right keywords that are search engine optimized. It takes a lot of extra planning, time and effort to formulate a quality, working advertising campaign for your business. I try to leave that to the professionals at White Shark Media.

The certified, trained staff at White Shark Media is completely equipped with the knowledge and resources to formulate a quality advertising campaign for any small or medium sized business. They have over 180 people working for them, working as qualified digital marketing experts. They are the premium company in adwords management. The services that White Shark Media have rendered for my company have impressed me beyond measure. I am thoroughly impressed with the results that we have experienced from our advertising campaign with White Shark Media, and their staff is helpful whenever we have questions about our program.

White Shark Media is a Google Adwords Premier SMB Partner, a title that is not given out, but companies that fit this description are hand selected, so you know that White Shark Media is credible right from the start. They are also affiliated with Bing, as a Bing Ads Elite SMB Partner, which is an added bonus. Their staff consists of 52 members that are Google Analytics certified, and they also have 57 members that are Bing Ads accredited. Their staff is helpful, knowledgeable and resourceful when it comes to tackling all the issues that come up with keywords and SEOs.

One of the staff members at White Shark Media wrote this compelling piece of information about keywords, search engines and how to maximize their use. In the article, the writer (who is an SEO specialist at White Shark Media) talks about SEOs, and he discusses how they are used by search engines to classify businesses.

In order to get the most out of your SEOs and keywords, according to the White Shark Media article, you will want to have a target audience in mind. The audience that you are targeting will have certain desires or intents when they use a search engine. White Shark Media will help you pinpoint exactly what the user’s intent will be, and your business will grow.

Gooee Is Changing The Internet Of Things

The internet of things is already visible in common household appliances like smart televisions and power meters, but today thanks to companies like Gooee IoT is coming to our lights as well. Seeing the potential that data sharing can have for lighting systems, companies are coming out with lights that utilize the internet of things. With the advantages available from IoT lights can generate data based upon certain factors, such as daily usage, and share that with other devices within a building. Your home can “learn” which rooms you spend the most time in and will adjust appliances in those rooms according to that usage. The energy used by certain lights might decrease if you are using that room during daylight hours while it may increase if you use the room at night. These lighting systems will eventually set off a revolution in architecture, security, and many other disciplines as researchers improve the internet of things.

George Soros Lowers His Investments In America

George Soros recently reduced his holdings in America by 37%, and he has chosen to invest in gold instead. He wants to make sure that he is prepared for a downturn in the market if that is what happens, and he went away from businesses while going towards precious metals. George Soros’ investments have been changing over the years as he takes a look at all the different ways that he can make money.

There are a lot of ways for people to follow the example that George Soros has made, and they can read up in the Bloomberg article about how he has made his most recent change. George Soros is a brilliant investor who can see the changes coming when they get close, and he wants to make sure that he is able to respond to those changes as much as possible. He wants to make sure that the presidential campaign in America does not change his holdings too much, but George Soros is giving a warning to the rest of the world that things could get even worse if the elections going the wrong way.

George Soros has been planning to make sure that he has the best holdings possible for his own wallet, and he wants to show that he has the ability to protect his investments on http://www.investopedia.com/university/greatest/georgesoros.asp while also moving into something that is going to be more profitable for him. He is going to start speculating on gold again in a move that could help him remain stable, and it is something that people should take to heart.

The people who are following what George Soros are doing will notice that he is able to make his moves quickly, and he is very decisive when he moves to something simple like the gold market. Precious metals are very good investments, and it is possible that George Soros could leave his money in gold for a long time until the US economy works itself out. There are many more people who are not sure if the precious metals market is going to work for them, but they can see that it works well for one of the richest people in the whole world.

George Soros has proven that a move to gold and precious metals is going to make the biggest difference for those who want to make the most money on their investments. These people are going to be able to trust gold and other precious metals over other investments on http://www.cnbc.com/2016/05/17/soros-fund-management-outlines-new-allocations.html, and they are going to be able to keep investing there while they wait for the stock market to stabilize. They will be copying George Soros, and he is a very good person to copy where investments are concerned.

Keeping your Wikipedia Page Professional

As Leonardo DiCaprio continues to celebrate his much sought after Oscar Award, his fans are all out showing their love for him. This is evidenced by Leo’s Wikipedia filmography page. Owing to the ability of Wikipedia to be edited by any person, the page was being managed by a person who most probably was a diehard fan of Leo. As a result, Leo’s Wikipedia page is currently being riddled with some uncouth phrases. This means Leonardo will have to get someone to update his Wikipedia page once all the celebrations are over.

Leo’s triumph at this year’s Oscars has come as a surprise even to his fans. The Hollywood actor had previously received five nominations for the prestigious award, but had never won any. This time, the film, “The Revenant” managed to scoop him Hollywood’s most coveted price. This film was also able to bag him the BAFTA Award and the Golden Globe Award. In his acceptance speech, Leo gave a moving speech thanking all individuals he has worked with in the past, and called for all people to actively participate in environmental conservation.

Benefits of Creating a Wikipedia Page

Wikipedia is an open source site that can act as an effective online marketing platform if used in the appropriate manner. Some of the benefits presented by Wikipedia include the following:

• It is possible to edit or create your brand, business or biography on its website.

• It adds prestige, credibility and authenticity to your brand, business or persona.

Can lead to an increase in sales.

• Enhances visibility in the search engine results.

Getting professionals 

By visiting a Wikipedia editing service like Get Your Wiki, you can be assured of getting knowledgeable and proven writers that will save you the headache of creating the page yourself. These Wiki experts for hire will also offer you endless opportunities and advantages for your business or online presence.

Some of the benefits that you can accrue from outsourcing professionals to do the writing or editing for you include:

• Wikipedia monitoring and Wiki page updates

While most Wikipedia edits are done with a good motive, other edits may be malicious and may hurt a person’s or company’s reputation. With professional monitoring service, you can be assured that every edit is accurate and beneficial to Wikipedia.

• Wikipedia translation

By hiring Wiki writers to manage your Wikipedia page, your content can be translated in any of the world’s major language. They will provide you with the necessary help to interact with any community irrespective of your choice.

• Value for money

Professional Wiki editors will ensure that you page is in line with the standards of Wikipedia. Once your page is on Wikipedia, you can be assured it will rank among the top 5 in the search results.

SKOUT 2016 Survey At A Glace

Every year, many people start the year with new resolutions. According to research conducted by Skout, friends will play the biggest role in your keeping of resolutions this year.

In the list released by the San Francisco-based company, if you want a year filled with health and fitness, your social circle will make you stick to exercising. Fancy gadgets and expensive trekking shoes will make little difference.

This year, most people expect to go for more blind dates and don’t think open relationships are any better. It will also be a year many people will be looking for more friends. They will expect the more friends to translate to promotions, more money and help them get a saving culture.

This year, many people expect to spruce up their appearance. Classy is the new humble. The survey shows the friends you keep are everything you would wish.

The study was conducted in the US and involved 3700 respondents. It was done by a Skout which is a leading platform for people to meet. It has over 500 million registered users in 180 countries. It is available in 14 countries. Its App is downloadable on IOS, Google and Microsoft devices.

Skout was founded in 2007 by Christian and Sesars.The two are of Swedish origin and came to invest. They have managed to build an empire stretching the entire world with innovative social offerings.

Skout has since launched a social networking site. It was the 1st location based social site that optimized your location to give helpful social networks. In 2009, they realized most people were using the site for dating, so they decided to change it.

Skout has since then expanded and grown to have a host of other features. These characteristics include shake to chat and SKOUT travel.

Shake to Chat allows you to be connected to anyone with SKOUT around the world. It can give one random chat with interesting friends.

Skout Travel is a relationally way to tour new places. It connects you with friends who allow you make virtual tours in that country. Over 10 million people have signed up for that feature. It has led to a remarkable increase in tourism as the virtual tours do sometimes turn real.

Skout is a significant innovation which employs thousands of people. It has made it possible for shy people to get partners.

The article is a recap from SapT.