The Many Accomplishments Of The Brazilian Entrepreneur, Guilherme Paulus

Guilherme Paulus is one of the most impressive entrepreneurs from Brazil. He has been successful in founding multiple companies that have skyrocketed him to fame. Guilherme is internationally known as one of the best businessmen in the tourism industry.

He was born in 1949 and has almost 50 years of experience in the tourist industry. He has a degree in Business Administration and has used his experience and knowledge to lead several companies to success.

The first of his many companies is the CVC travel agency that was founded in 1972. Guilherme Paulus co-founded the CVC with Carlos Vicente Cerchiari. Carlos left the business venture after only four years and ended up selling his share in the company to Guilherme. Guilherme was still able to persevere through the challenges that he faced when nearly having to shut down the CVC. The CVC travel agency is now the largest tourist operator in all of Latin America. This accomplishment was impressive, but Guilherme knew that he could still take it further. In 2009, he sold a big part of the company to the global investment firm, the Carlyle Group. The CVC is now able to generate an annual revenue of $5.2 billion. Guilherme Paulus is still 33% owner of the CVC.

Guilherme Paulus founded the GJP Hotels and Resorts in 2005. The GJP network began with only one establishment and is now known as one of the largest national hotel chains that specializes leisure, tourism, and events. The GJP is in control of 19 hotels all throughout the country of Brazil. There are 7 hotels in the Southern region of Brazil, 5 hotels in the Southeast region of Brazil, and 7 hotels in the Northeast region. The GJP network plans to build and acquire more hotels and resorts near airports in Brazil.

Guilherme Paulus says that his secret for success is to always put the customer first. For him, the customer is the coffee, the lunch, the dinner, and the gas. Guilherme is a dreamer that encourages others to also dream big and to always persevere. He suggests for people to do what they love.

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